1893年にエリック・サティによって書かれた「Vexations」 ー52拍からなる1分程度の曲を840回繰り返す曲ーを複数の楽器と数名の演奏家によって演奏。会場での演奏はライブ配信される。

【スケジュール】2月3日14時 – 2月4日終了まで
【会場】ホール・オブ・ホールズ(萌木の村 オルゴール博物館)

ピアノ 福井真菜 山本雅一 山本かおり 川乃さちこ 岩田渉
チェロ 山本護   
コントラバス 三枝数也
フレンチホルン/トランペット 山口敬太郎
主催 MuseuM Concert Series,
共催 Objet a
“Vexations”, written by Erik Satie in 1893, is a piece of music consisting of 52 beats, about 1 minute long, repeated 840 times, performed by several musicians and instruments. The performance at the venue will be streamed live on YouTube.
Wednesday 3 February (2pm) – Thursday 4 February (end)
[Venue] Hall of Halls (Moegi no Mura Music Box Museum)
[Live Streaming] 
[Participation fee] Free of charge
[Note from the author]
To play this motive 840 times in succession, it would be right to prepare oneself previously,
and in the most dead silence, by earnest immobilities.
[Rules and conditions]
-Only one performer and one alternate performer in the hall.
-840 pieces of music to be prepared and dropped on the floor after each repetition.
-All instruments are free.
-All instruments except the piano must be transcribed by the performer.
-The transcription is left to the individual performers, but the main melody of the original piece must be retained.
-The transcription is left to the individual performers, but the main melody of the original work must be retained.
-Electronic sounds are permitted in the above circumstances.
-Ensembles are permitted as long as they meet the above conditions.
-There is no quota on the number of repeats per performer, but a minimum of 50 is preferred.
Piano Mana Fukui Masakazu Yamamoto Kaori Yamamoto Sachiko Kawano Wataru Iwata
Cello Mamoru Yamamoto  
Contrabass Kazuya Saegusa
French horn and Trumpet Keitaro Yamaguchi
Organetta (Street organ)
and etc…
Hosted by MuseuM Concert Series,
Co-hosted by Objet a