Piano Distance






武満徹 Tôru TAKEMITSU   (1930 – 1996 )
ピアノディスタンス Piano distance   (1961)
閉じた眼ll Les yeux clos ll   (1989)
リタニ マイケルヴァイナーの追憶に Litany in memory of Michael Vyner  (1990)
雨の樹 素描 Rain tree sketch   (1982)
フォー・アウェイ For away   (1973)

山本雅一 Masakazu YAMAMOTO   (1975 – )
灯火 Tomoshibi  (2009)

岩田渉 Wataru IWATA   (1973 – )
プレリュード l, ll, lll Préludes l, ll, lll  (2018)

ピアノ 福井真菜

3月27日 20時 〜 3月29日 20時まで (配信のみ)
主催:MuseuM Concert Series

共催:Objet α

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In ancient Greece, music was divided into two categories: music with an established style and music without. Knowledgeable and educated people forbade such senseless and unmusical things as whistling, crowd murmuring, and clapping. Music was something to be listened to quietly and thereby gain knowledge. Music represented the harmony of the universe played by the movement of the heavens, and to perceive the stars, the sun, the planets, and the sounds that rippled that harmony was to understand the philosophical description of the universe.

Later, the development of polyphonic tuned music from the 17th to the 19th century, which pursued joyful harmony by ear, was an affront to the idea of “ethos of style” (music has a moral dimension, and the human spirit depends on it) established in Plato’s time.

Modern music, freed from the shackles of polyphony by the dodecaphony of the twelve-tone technique in the 20th century, may express the correlation between the universe and the spirit that the ancients tried to perceive.


Tôru TAKEMITSU (1930 – 1996)
Piano distance (1961)
Les yeux clos ll (1989)
Litany in memory of Michael Vyner (1990)
Rain tree sketch (1982)
For away (1973)

Masakazu YAMAMOTO (1975 – )

Wataru IWATA (1973 – )
Préludes l, ll, lll

While teaching at the Conservatoire de Musique de Clamart in France, she has been performing as a pianist for about 20 years throughout Europe. In 2015, she moved her base to Japan and has been also actively working on collaborations with various fields such as dance and visuals, not only music.

Online Streaming only
Saturday, March 27, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. (GMT +0900)
Monday, March 29 2021 to 8:00 p.m.  (GMT +0900)

Organized by MuseuM Concert Series
Co-hosted with Objet α

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